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The 90's called - They want want their IT back

Cloud computing is not just the latest technology buzzword, it represents a complete shift in business computing.

Though antiquated, internal networks are the most common in use today. Commonly referred to as "break-fix" networks, they run until they inevitably "break" (usually at the worst possible time) requiring a costly "fix." This pattern of unexpected breaking and fixing traps the business decision maker into a costly pattern of throwing good money after bad. They are unsecure, unreliable, un-scalable and a limit to productivity.

ProCirrus cures the internal network with a simple end-to-end solution. We combine your unique line of business applications with standard applications like Microsoft Office and Exchange into one unified, cloud powered desktop. Once safely in our cloud, we manage your local assets, site gateway security and your internet provider. With one phone number, you will have access to big corporation computing power while only paying for what you consume.

Reduce costs, improve access, enhance security and get real support. (it's included)

Need some cloud clarity? Cloud explained...

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Predictable and costly - Yet never expected

It's not IF your internal network is going to fail - it's WHEN. How long can your company be without computers? How much will it cost the next time it dies? What happens if your system loses critical or private information? Get the savings and peace of mind of simplicity.

  • Predictability and Scale - Unlike the "break-fix" networks of the past, you no longer need to make large, and often times unexpected, capital investments in technology. You simply pay for what you use monthly. And, with the ability to add or remove users and the software they need in real-time, you can allocate your IT budget perfectly.
  • Hardware Savings - With ProCirrus, you will no longer need servers so you can recycle, donate or take a sledge hammer to that old, expensive and problematic server. Plus, since our servers do the work, any new PC's will cost less and current ones will last longer. Perhaps the biggest source of savings is removing the productivity killing down-times.
  • More Productivity - Our system allows your associates to safely access their full desktop and data from any web connection and a virtually unlimited number of devices - from iPads to smart phones. It is especially powerful for firms with remote users that need to guard critical data from customer account information to marketing lists.

Stop being a part time support person. Calculating costs and benefits.

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Only sled dogs and donkeys work best leashed

Still trying to work through a VPN or old terminal services connection? Our seamless desktop provides secure access to the full versions of your applications just like they were running on your local machine. But since you're working in our cloud you can access them from any internet connection on virtually any device.

  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Device. Your associates can safely work on company applications from numerous devices. It works on all PC's, iPads, Macs, tablets and most smart phones. Unleashed but connected means no more excuses which means more business.
  • 256 Bit Encryption - Our remote desktop provides an encrypted connection to your system resources which means your data is not roaming the planet waiting to be left at a coffee shop on a sales persons laptop. It's safely stored in your vault in our secure data center protecting your valuable assets.
  • Global Reach - Mobility is the reality of today's business world. With the ProCirrus ProZone desktop you can reach your programs from anywhere there's internet. Whether it's at 35,000 feet on a WIFI enabled airliner, the coffee shop on the corner or your in-law's house you'll be able to get to that critical contract, quote or medical chart.

Work from where you need to, on what you want to. Read our Bill of Rights.

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A head in the sand paints a target on your...

Running a small to mid-sized business in today's economy takes the courage to accept risk. Too many businesses assume that IT has to be one of those risks that they "have to live with." Athough the threats are numerous, from unexpected failures and unanticipated costs to business threatening losses of client data, you don't have to accept them.

  • Redundant Redundancy - Internal networks can not afford the level of redundancy that a full sized data center can accomplish. It's far more than backups, we have real-time redundancy at the server and storage level to guard against catastrophic loss. Hoping bad things won't happen is fine if you prepare for when they do.
  • Multi-Layered Security - Threats come from every direction, from a hacker in Asia to the disgruntled employee at the front desk. We deploy a multi-layered security strategy from the workstation, through the web and into our data centers. Combined with a robust company policy, we are an important partner in the continuity of your business.
  • Active Management - Technology is continuously changing as are the threats we face. We deploy technology based security measures in concert with the common sense of smart people. Active management is the junk yard dog of security.

We take the necessary evil out of IT and put back peace of mind. More on security?

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Stop fighting with that $#@% thinga-majiggy!

We polled our clients assuming that things like "real-time geographic replication" were the things they valued most. Like all good nerds we "geek-out" on technology. After we tallied the responses, there was one common answer. "It's easy, it works and I have one number to call."

  • Support Included - We include our US based support team with our service. This means that your associates will stop bugging you with IT questions allowing you to focus on your business and not supporting your IT.
  • End to End - We manage every aspect of your IT needs from our cloud to your workstations, your network security and even your internet provider. With one phone number you'll cure your IT headaches.
  • The Big Idea - With a stable network and a true technology partner, you'll be able to start taking advantage of new ideas and tools instead of just keeping your system functioning. From contact management, email archival to big file transfer - we'll keep innovating and sharing those innovations with you. What's on your wish list?

We are a customer service company that happens to excel at technology.

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