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The ProZone - Your limitless technology canvas

The ProZone is your infinitely flexible cloud desktop that allows you to safely access your applications and data from any internet connection. When you join ProCirrus we combine all of the applications you need into one seamless interface. This allows you to precisely allocate applications to each user in real-time. With the ProZone, you can readily grow and contract as business needs fluctuate by simply as sending an email.

  • Complete file and full application access from the web
  • Single sign-on simplifies application passwords
  • Fully encrypted connection from workstation to cloud
  • Unified desktop combines all company applications
  • Infinitely scalable and customizable per user
  • Seamless application delivery for clean desktop
  • 24/7 Support via phone, chat & web

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ProOffice- Your productivity powerhouse

The ProOffice Suite is our most popular offering. It fills your ProZone desktop with the most commonly used productivity titles like Microsoft Office Standard, Exchange and SharePoint with numerous additional features. All of our hosted offerings include the software licenses and the most current version of the software. We are unique in that we combine these standard programs with your specific line of business applications in one unified desktop.

  • ProZone Unified Desktop
  • Secure IE and Firefox browsers
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2010: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote & Publisher
  • Microsoft Exchange Plus: Email Archive, MailShield Anti-Spam, Active Sync Mobile
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation
  • Full PDF reader and Editor
  • Numerous options like Office Pro, BlackBerry, SecureSend, ProFax and more...

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ProManage - Hero of our end-to-end solution

The ProManage Service is the offensive lineman of our end-to-end solution. It may not get a lot of press coverage but it performs a vital task ensuring that your local assets like workstations, firewalls, switches and internet service are always secure and running at peak performance.

In our cloud, workstations can be 100% cloud based or hybrids allowing for some locally running software. With proper management, we can extend the lives of local workstations lowering your overall IT expenditure.

  • Active management and inventory tracking of gateway
  • Multi-layered anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing security
  • Workstation patch and update management as well as inventory control and tracking
  • Internet service provider (ISP) optimization and active monitoring
  • Workstation procurement with warranty and asset management
  • Peripheral support and vendor interaction for third party hardware.

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ProServer - Omnivore of custom applications

ProServer is our incredibly flexible and scalable server service for running your unique line-of-business applications from our cloud. We combine these applications with our ProOffice offerings providing you with a complete and unified cloud desktop. Unlike single application or hardware only cloud providers, this is the first comprehensive solution that provides 100% cloud support for the unique needs of the small to mid-sized professional firm.

We support a very wide range of software titles on ProServer from medical EMR's and mortgage origination systems to manufacturing management and retail point of sales software. If it will run on a network, it will excel in our environment. We have yet to run into a software title we can't handle.

  • Fully integrated with ProZone applications
  • Includes update and patch management of line-of-business software
  • State of the art equipment 100% owned and managed by ProCirrus
  • Easy to scale as business needs fluctuate

If it runs on a local network, we can make it cloud.

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Why didn't I think of that?

Humans have had wheels for thousands of years and carried some form of luggage since the dawn of time - but it wasn't until the 1970's that somebody put it together. We put the luggage wheels on technology by including what most companies offer as options. Beyond the must haves, we offer a bunch of useful options.

  • MailShield - We include a robust anti-spam, anti-phishing and email security system.
  • Archival - We include compliance and user level email. Ensure compliance, reduce data storage and never lose anything again.
  • SecureSend - Send and receive very large and/or encrypted emails like medical records, contracts or other large and sensitive information in a compliant and secure manner.
  • BlackBerry - Add BlackBerry Enterprise functionality to your exchange account.
  • ProFax - Dump the machine and fax from your desktop like sending and receiving an email.
  • Document Management - OCR and electronically store and access boxes of discovery, old loan files, old paper medical records or financial records.

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