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IT doesn't have to be a necessary evil.

The broad range of businesses that we support demonstrates both the flexibility of our system and the universal need for reliable technology. Regardless of the vertical you serve - if you value simplicity, reliability, security and support - you're our kind of client.

  • Regulatory Compliance - HIPAA, GLBA, SOX or FINRA - Regardless of the acronym that your firm faces in the alphabet soup of regulation, ProCirrus, combined with a robust company policy, is a critical step in your firm's compliance.
  • Reliability & Security - With the ever increasing malicious, internal and external threats and the realities of hardware failures, our redundancy and active management mitigates your risks and guards the very continuity of your business.
  • Savings & Simplicity - ProCirrus greatly simplifies the management burden of IT with lower hardware and software costs, the ability to precisely manage IT expenditure and our full support department. Focus on driving your business instead of managing IT.
  • Global Access - Imagine the ability to access your full desktop and system resources from the internet on virtually any device from a home pc, an iPad, a smart phone or even a wifi enabled airliner.

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We fit medical - like a glove...

Our medical clinic clients showcase the advantages of our solution. Supporting the accounting, file management, PAC's equipment and electronic medical records software is a tremendous burden on office administrators since most medical clinics are not large enough to rationalize full time IT support. On top of the IT complexity, medical clinics face an ever-growing regulatory burden through laws like HIPAA.

  • HIPAA Compliance - The inherent security of the ProCirrus system, coupled with a robust internal policy is a critical step in regulatory compliance.
  • PM / EMR Hosting - We successfully host Centricity and several other EMR and PM software titles through our ProServer service.
  • Integrated Fax Server - We integrate fax and other services eliminating hardware and license costs traditionally required to support internal IT.
  • Access - The ProZone flexibility allows practitioners to access their system resources from the exam room, the hospital and everywhere in between.
  • File Storage - Integrated electronic document scanning, conversion and storage.
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Conquer a mountain with the click of a mouse.

We support a wide range of legal disciplines with a variety of case and time management software. Beyond the day-to-day, we build inexpensive custom solutions like dedicated case-clouds for joint defense teams allowing for the sharing of discovery data while segregating work product. Imagine the ability to search thousands of pages of emails and documents as easily as it is to search the web. We are a perfect partner for an industry founded on navigating tremendous quantities of paper and protecting client privacy.

  • Legal applications - We can host virtually any application and currently support ProLaw, Case Map and many others for our clients.
  • Custom document management - We create custom document management solutions from chain-of-custody compliant scanning to dynamic search tools.
  • Compliance archival - Our email exchange INCLUDES compliance archival.
  • Secure Send - Send and receive very large and/or encrypted emails.
  • Desktop fax - Dump the fax machine and phone line and fax over IP directly from the desktop.
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Keep your mind on your money - not your IT.

We support a variety financial firms including financial planners, tax accountants and mortgage companies. Each of these firms face the regulatory oversight that demands the security of client data. The nature of their competitive industries places a premium on the redundancy and reliability of their IT. Most of these firms have associates in numerous locations with a wide range of access points. The flexibility of the ProZone allows these users to safely access their system from where ever they need to do business.

  • We host financial software - Whether its top loan origination software like Encompass or your firm's proprietary trading software - we can host it.
  • Financial document storage - Safely store boxes of secure documents and search them with a click of the mouse.
  • Compliance archival - Our exchange INCLUDES compliance archival for tracking of critical communications.
  • SecureSend - Send and receive unlimited file sizes and/or encrypted emails.
  • Desktop fax - Dump the fax machine and phone line and fax over IP directly from the desktop.
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There are a lot of bytes in pizza.

The need for reliable IT is a reality of the modern business world. Beyond having a killer sauce, there is a lot of technology that drives a national pizza company. Considering the complexities of realtime inventory management, low margins and the constant challenges around staffing turnover - retail firms are remarkably sophisticated and need an IT partner to match.

  • Point of Sale - If your software runs on a network we can host it along with any other applications your firm requires.
  • Asset Management - Cloud based workstations are easy to replace and less costly when 32 ounces of soda invevitably spill. Keep an extra one next to the ketchup.
  • Safe WIFI - Provide your guests with more reasons to visit, stay and spend.
  • User Support - Stop fielding support calls from Des Moines, when your users need IT help they have a number to call.
  • No Servers! - Instead of having the cost of a server or PC in every location, you can run your applications from one location. This provides a more stable, consistent and inexpensive IT solution.

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